Legitimidade da polícia: segurança pública para além da dissuasão

Published in Civitas - Revista de Ciências Sociais, 2016

Recommended citation: Zanetic, André; Paes Manso, Bruno; Natal, Ariadne; Oliveira, Thiago R. (2016). "Legitimidade da polícia: segurança pública para além da dissuasão." Civitas - Revista de Ciências Sociais. 16(4).

Police legitimacy: criminal policy beyond deterrence. Criminal policies in Brazil are premised by the deterrence theory model, which is based on measures such as heavy-handed policing, the growth of social control and surveillance mechanisms, and the increasing number of arrests by police officers. International literature, however, has demonstrated how a police organisation which targets normative instead of instrumental compliance is more effective and less expensive. This paper aims at discussing the theoretical relevance of legitimacy and procedural justice theory for the current debate on police reform in Brazil. It also aims at pointing how the lack of studies concerning the effects of criminal policies implemented in this country have allowed deterrence-based strategies to prosper despite the doubtful results on criminal behaviour control. We indicate how this research agenda might contribute to the discussion on police reform in Brazil and in Latin America.. doi.org/10.15448/1984-7289.2016.4.24183

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